About Us


About BMG

Blume Media Group is a Digital Media company formed in 2014 to acquire, invest in and launch global streaming media and production services. BMG aims to take advantage of the rapid growth of online video services and emerging social fandoms, by producing, promoting and distributing content that engages our audiences with live performance oriented content dedicated to Arts, Culture and Entertainment.  
One of the strategic focuses of BMG is to invest in and build advertising and digital media services, as well as create dynamic informative and entertaining content for targeted audiences. BMG provides entertainment services through its portfolio of brands, which offer audiences a variety of videos, television, movies, music and other content and service offerings.
Our Team
Our Purpose

” We want to inform, inspire and entertain audiences around the world by creating, producing, distributing and delivering dynamic content dedicated to Independent Arts, Culture and Entertainment. “


Content that Connects

Our creative team is dedicated to masterful storytelling that impacts culture and explores the depths of humanity. Featuring outstanding directors, producers and writers, we produce and program for a new generation through world class content that taps into the passions of our audience and leverages the expertise of amazing worldwide partnerships.

Each day, these talented creators are in the studios filming, developing, and producing series for our platforms and others. BLUME Studios was built from the ground up to be flexible and scalable, allowing us to continuously experiment with new shows, and new creative ideas so that we can be be immediately responsive to what is (or isn’t) working for our audiences.

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