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Blume Media Group is a Digital Media company formed in 2014 to acquire, invest in and launch global streaming media and production services. We seek to take advantage of the rapid growth of online video services and emerging social fandoms, by creating, producing, promoting and distributing content that engages our audiences with live performance oriented content dedicated to Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Sports.  
We help brands and advertisers connect to worldwide audiences by building advertising and digital media solutions, as well as delivering and distributing dynamic, informative and entertaining live oriented content such as live performances from legendary artist like Mavis Staples through our Live and on-Demand streaming platforms, available on any device, anywhere, anytime. 
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” We empower passion by connecting live creators to brands and fans around the world., dedicated to informing, inspiring, educating and entertaining them by creating, producing and delivering dynamic live oriented content.  “


Inform and Inspire

We aim to deliver the world’s best storytelling and most engaging content from talented brands, content creators,  storytellers and journalists to audiences around the globe.

We’re bringing a fresh approach to how the media and entertainment industry works for consumers, content creators, distributors and advertisers. We’ll bridge the gap between premium content and connectivity to that content. And together, we’ll drive even more choice, value and innovation to brands and consumers – and deliver the best human experiences in the world.

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